My Organizations

Golden Pond Guest House
This is the best youth hostel in Seoul, bar none. How can I know this for sure? Well, because I not only lived there but HELPED FOUND IT! That's right, I helped Mijung pick out the building (back when she was the manager at the Windroad hostel and wanted to set up her own business), helped her set it up, wrote large parts of the website (text and code) and checked in guests for a long time. It's not illegal because I didn't receive money, but she did let me live there for free and constantly treat me to stuff, plus it's just so cool to sit around like a bigshot on the couch and when people ask "what do you do here?" I say "oh, I work at this guest house!" Then they're all surprised because I'm a white guy who's doing something other than just teaching English for a change.

Yonsei University Korean Language Institute
YSKLI is my alma mater. How could I not put it in my links section? I attended it for nearly two years (although I took two terms off). It was the source of 39 credit hours, much improved Korean ability, and countless nights with very little sleep. If you study Korean in Korea, I recommend it -- even though it may not be the most communicative program, it teaches real, substantial words and grammar, not just this "let's sit around in a circle and practice with each other" BS.


Aaron in Japan
This dude was the inspiration for this site. He may never even notice that I've linked to him, as my site probably doesn't even do 1/100th the traffic of his, but it would be incomplete not to mention Aaron R. Chmielowiec. Aaron is involved in the IT industry in Japan. As his Japanese has gotten more and more fluent, he has held a number of interesting jobs like Software Engineer, Chief Technical Officer, etc. Therefore, he's not just some lame English teacher keeping a blog. Furthermore, he's really immersed himself in Japanese culture, placing in a national karate tournament, being one of the first to report on the DDR craze, etc. Originally, I had hoped to become like Aaron, except with Korea. Though I am now uncertain about this, if you go to Aaron's site, you'll see some things that definitely influenced my site.

Korean Learning Resources

the Korean forums at
This forum was formerly attached to zKorean (which was called something else before that). I've been a member since November, 2005 (I started learning Korean only the month before, and used this site as a supplement to my class which met very infrequently). The forum is very heavily moderated, meaning that the pathetically amateurish posts that you see at aren't present here, but you also have to watch what you say. There are a lot of people on this site who actually know what they're talking about.
You can pretty much get on this forum and say whatever you want, which can be kind of refreshing, but on the other hand, there's a lot of junk on this site, like people playing word games that are unrelated to Korean, etc. The advertising is so omnipresent, it bugs the hell out of me! Still, if you're hesitant to rely on any one site too much for getting your questions answered, this makes a good backup. There is an occasional knowledgeable person on here, but they are much less frequent than on the aforementioned link.

Naver :: English Dictionary
This is by far the best Korean to English dictionary I've ever used. I has a ton of definitions, hanja, etc. This is the one the Koreans use.

An Introduction to Korean by J. David Eisenberg
This is a great site if you're just getting started. It will teach you hangeul, numbers, basic grammar, etc. However, I stopped using it a long time ago, because I'm way beyond this level, now. This page has now been around for about 10 years -- I'll bet I'm not the only person who had his first introduction to Korean here.

Sogang University Korean Language Lecture [Website]
This is a good website, run by a credible university in Korea. They offer a ton of information online. Their videos may be intimidating to beginners, though. That may scare some people off (it sure scared me away from their school, but I used their website to learn some important words).