Charlie's Korean Font for Microsoft On-Screen Keyboard

If you haven't memorized the entire Korean keyboard, don't worry. I have made a font that you can use with Microsoft On-Screen Keyboard that allows you to type by clicking on the hangul. Microsoft On-Screen Keyboard comes with Windows XP, so chances are good that you already have Microsoft On-Screen Keyboard, and can make use of this font. I'll admit that it's kind of crude, but it's just what some people are looking for. I made the font with FontEditor BitfontMaker.


1. Click here to download

2. When you have downloaded it, unzip it. You can use WinZip, or maybe you have another unzipping utility that you like better. It shouldn't matter.

3. There should now be a file called "korean.ttf." Put this into your C:\WINDOWS\Fonts directory (or wherever you put your fonts to install them).

4. Click Start -> All Programs -> Accessories -> Accessibility -> On-Screen Keyboard.

5. Click Settings -> Font ...

6. See that menu with all the different fonts in it? Select "Korean." I also recommend that you change the font style to "Regular," the size to "12," and the script to "Western." Hit OK when you're done.

7. Turn on your Korean IME. I hope you know how to do this, because it would take too long for me to explain it to you.

8. Now you can type hangul by clicking on the keys on the on-screen keyboard. If you need double hangul, or if you need yae or ye, hold Shift on your real keyboard. They should then appear on your on-screen keyboard. You'll notice a lot of garbage hangul on your on-screen keyboard. Just ignore that. I don't know how to get rid of that at this time. That's what happens when On-Screen Keyboard tries to represent words like "enter" with my font.