Videos from Korea

Octopus Dance
Jeongho didn't know the word "octopus," but wanted to explain the concept of "eating live octopus" to the girls. Therefore, he acted it out. You'll all be mesmerized at "the Octopus Dance."
Bowing Man 2006
Today, for no reason whatsoever, Korea University and Yonsei University decided to co-host a party in the middle of the street! There was much music and merriment, though at one point, it looked like it was going to get interesting (the police pulled up and started shouting things at the crowd with a bullhorn, probably because they were blocking the street). I thought it might escalate into some kind of historic, Tiananmen Square-like event, so I ran to my pad, got my camera, and raced back. However, the police had calmed down at that point. Eventually, the squad car left the scene. However, I did get this video of people dancing around and waving Yonsei banners and some random guy bowing, not once, but twice.
My Class
I finished my vocabulary test early, as usual. I spent the remainder of the time filming other people taking it. These are my classmates. The Korean woman standing in front of the white board is, no surprise, my teacher (Teacher Seo).
Riot Police Buses
Violent student protests are as Korean as kimchi. Consequently, there is a massive riot police force. They drive around in armored buses. The buses are so tough, they can be lined up across a road to form a barricade.
Mr. Squid
Unfortunately, Mr. Fish wasn't standing on his head like he was the other day. One of these days, I'll catch him in the act, and I'll photograph him. Therefore, for now, Mr. Squid will have to suffice. He doesn't do any gymnastics, but he does like to swim.
A Bathroom Stall in South Korea's Second Best University
Note the squat toilet. If there's a shortage of toilet paper, don't worry. There's a box of newspapers right underneath the sink (I didn't take a picture of that because I feared I would be perceived as a pervert).
The Front of the Yonsei University Korean Language Institute During Lunch
This should be fairly self-explanatory. I hope you enjoyed my videos.

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