I managed to get Dang li to yell her "BBALGAN MEORI" exclamation into the microphone. It means "red hair!" She improvised it during the play practice (I played her cheating husband on a bus, and she yelled out "BBALGAN MEORI" and confronted me).

Level 3 Partner Dialog 1/3
We have to memorize three of these dialogs. This is me reciting my half of it -- Miyuki will do the other half. We make the dialogs, so there may be mistakes. In case you're wondering why I whisper, it's because I was recording it at a PC bang.

Explosive Cough
This is my Sam-bun Iyagi (3-Minute Story) from the Level 3 midterms. I recorded it in a whisper (very seductive) because I was at an internet cafe and didn't want other people overhearing my Sam-bun Iyagi. I only made a couple of (justifiable) mistakes when I recorded it. This whole thing was from memory. Beware of the EXPLOSIVE cough in the middle that will blow out your speakers.

Gyotong Jeongbo
I recorded this off the radio (KBS). It's the Traffic Information jingle that is played every hour at :55. For reference purposes, Gyotong Jeongbo means "traffic information."

In this sound clip, I am preparing for the amateur singing contest (required) at Yonsei University. I am attempting to sing "Sarangseureoweo" by Kim Seon-ju. LISTEN TO THE WHOLE THING! IF YOU CLOSE OUT PREMATURELY, YOU'LL MISS THE ENDING!

"Yes, the grape season passed, so they got expensive."
This is an example of a textbook dialog that we are supposed to memorize. This one is a dialog between a customer and a produce stand man (or maybe a produce truck man). I am reciting it from memory, hence the delays.

Crazed Man
This is a sound from my Cyon cell phone. It's a good one to use as an alarm.

Annoying Secretary
This is another ring tone from my Cyon. I used to wake up to her every morning, but she's getting really annoying (when you hear her every five minutes, you know she's nagging), so I switched to "Crazed Man."

Low Battery
This is the sound that my Cyon makes when the batteries get low.

Welcome to My Website
This is the sound that used to play on the main page (me saying "welcome to my website").