TI-83 Games I've Written:

Click here to download Dungeon! with Graphics Engine 2.0 (3 kilobytes zipped).

1. Download it.
2. Unzip it.
3. If you already have Dungeon! on your calculator, just send THETILES.83P to your calculator, replacing the old version.
4. If you don't have Dungeon! on your calculator, send all five files to your calculator.
5. Run DUNGEON0.

Dungeon! with Graphics Engine Version 2.0 (TI-83 [TI-BASIC], 2005)

Back when I was working two jobs at once, I wrote this upgrade to Dungeon!. I started this program at my telemarketing job, and I wrote some more code on the 7-Eleven night shift. Basically, my goals were the following:
1. Write a graphics engine for Dungeon! that replaces the old THETILES file, without replacing or altering any other files. This graphics engine must have bigger, better, more detailed graphics.
2. The new file must be compatible with an original TI-83.
3. The new graphics engine must be smaller size-wise than the old one.

I succeeded and wrote a cool graphics engine with much larger tiles. Dungeon! now looks slightly more respectable than it did five years ago, and best of all, while I was writing portions of the code, I was actually being paid, which made this a commercial success!

Click here to download Hung Pong (2 kilobytes zipped).

1. Download Hung_Pong.zip.
2. Unzip it.
3. Send HUNGPONG.83P to your calculator.
4. Run prgmHUNGPONG.

Hung Pong (TI-83 [TI-BASIC], 2004)
Does anyone remember William Hung, from American Idol, who sang that hilarious version of "She Bangs" by Ricky Martin? Well, if you don't, check out this Wikipedia article:

Anyways, I wrote this Pong clone based on William Hung for a contest sponsored by Maxcoderz and Greenfire. It won first place in TI-BASIC graphics!

The best part of Hung Pong was the "face effect" as someone called it on a message board. The actual Pong game was a pretty normal Pong clone. It could be customized (different speeds and AI levels, for instance), but there wasn't much to distinguish the gameplay itself except that "SHE BANGS" flashed in a little message box on the top of the screen every time the ball made contact with your paddle.

Click here to download Dungeon! (3 kilobytes zipped).

1. Download it.
2. Unzip it.
3. Send all five files to your calculator.
4. Run DUNGEON0.

Dungeon! (TI-83 [TI-BASIC], 2000)

This is another program that I wrote in seventh grade (quite a productive year). I was inspired by Tsugumo's TheGame (a PC QBASIC RPG demo, which was itself inspired by Final Fantasy games). No, it was never as amazing as TheGame, but unlike TheGame, it wasn't just a demo -- I finished it. Dungeon! even had a crappy little text-only ending (because I was so anxious to finish it).

Dungeon! is a tiny RPG, at approximately 10 kilobytes. There is only one dungeon, with a few passageways, and an exit which can be reached within a minute or two. However, at the exit, there is a knight, which is ultra-powerful, and will take hours of leveling up to defeat. You can gain "relics" that boost your stats, by defeating "peasants." There are three peasants, and the relics they yield allow you to double your possible attack, double the amount of HP that you can get after battle, and double your curative ability (pretty useless). This game wasn't a masterpiece, but it was my first (and only) finished RPG, ever. It was also the first program that I wrote that employed tiled graphics.

Back when I wrote this game, I had dreams of someday working for a major game company like Squaresoft. I still have my fantasies, but I'm a little more realistic now. If I'd kept going at the rate I was going when I was in seventh grade, who knows, but the reality is, I stagnated. Still, check out Dungeon!. It's an addictive little TI-83 game that can fill a whole school day.

Click here to download Farming! (5 kilobytes zipped).

1. Download it.
2. Unzip it.
3. Send all six files to your calculator.
4. Run FARMING1.
5. Run SETUP on the main menu to optimize your display.

Farming! (TI-83 [TI-BASIC], 2000)

I wrote this game as a seventh grader, in 2000. Prior to Farming!, I had never been able to focus my attention onto one programming project to the extent necessary to create a finished game. This was a major milestone for me.

In Farming!, you play a farmer who needs to raise $1,000 (you start out with only $100). You can accomplish this by buying crops and livestock, presumably growing/raising them, and then selling them. Alternatively, you can go to the hog races and bet on pigs. The only thing impeding your success is "the Feds." They visit whenever they like (sometimes twice or more in a row), and take 50% of your money! You can choose to evade them, but you may suffer the consequences. Another random event, the "County Fair," can occur, which will give you a chance to win $100, if you own a cow to show at the fair. This game has lots of other options, some of which are not essential to completing the game (there is a bank where you can view your assets, and a bar where you can get tips from other farmers).

This is definitely not the best game ever made, or even the best TI-83 game ever made. However, consider the age at which I programmed it (I was probably about 13).