I got interviewed by MBC, a nationwide Korean broadcasting corporation. The interview was for "TV Sogeui TV" ("TV Inside a TV"), for the Saeng Saeng Interview segment. Many of my classmates were interviewed as well. The Saeng Saeng Interview segment's purpose was to show foreigners studying Korean, and their opinions on Korean television. I talked about the difference in "gobugwangye" (relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law) on such shows between the US and Korea (in Korean, of course).

MBC airs all over the country. I know there's even a special Jinju, Gyeongsang-do edition of MBC that also airs "TV Sogeui TV." So I'd imagine quite a few people saw me. :-)

I hope you enjoy this video. Sorry about the low quality, I recorded it off of TV by aiming my low-quality digital camera at the TV, and got sound by placing the microphone on my headset right next to the TV's speaker. I was also kind of hunched over during some of the video, but I promise I was speaking off the top of my head and wasn't reading lines. I still think it's watchable, though.

  • Saeng Saeng Interview Video with Captions
  • Saeng Saeng Interview Video without Captions (only recommended for Korean speakers)
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