The Chongmu's Passive-Aggressive Notes

Original Signs by the Chongmu of the Sky Goshitel, Translated by Charles Wetzel

Recently, it has come to my attention that there is a special Internet site for passive aggressive notes. They're often politely written, but contain a great deal of only thinly-veiled hostility.

Then I realized that our goshiwon (building with many private rooms and a communal kitchen) had some prime material! Here are some passive aggressive notes written by the chongmu (building attendant), a 19-year-old girl from Jeolla Province who is well on her way to becoming an ajumma (a Korean middle-aged woman with a perm who rules over the house with an iron fist).

25-Hour-a-Day News

We are opening a criminal investigation for Mr. 000, who secretly puts down dirty dishes and goes

PS. For the love of God, don't soak them.
If you fall under suspicion, "it wasn't that I didn't do them, I was soaking them for later," right?!
What kind of "just a second" is the next day?!?!

25-Hour-a-Day News

In the future
we will make publicly available a list of names of esteemed persons who did not do their dish washing.

PS. The kitchen lights — does it look like I don't know who it is~?
There is a CCTV in the hall.
Be careful, because I predict [the CCTV] will be turning and recording.

[List of Names]
Room Number: Name:

25-Hour-a-Day News

Even though the building attendant is sleeping...
The camera is turning.

PS. It's not a joke, it's really turning.