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Charles Wetzel's Geumgangsan, North Korea Photos: Part Two

This page contains nine previously unpublished photographs of Geumgangsan, North Korea. I am uploading them today, April 12, 2008.

One year ago, I set out for Geumgangsan, North Korea, on what was to be a trip of a lifetime -- a journey behind enemy lines, literally, since my country and North Korea never signed a peace treaty ending the Korean War hostilities between them. I came back with a number of photos. I've uploaded 40 to the site already, and wrote an accompanying photo essay that should already give readers a pretty good view into Geumgangsan in North Korea.

However, I had some other pictures too, that I'd forgotten about until I was cleaning my room in preparation for the Japan visa run I did a few weeks ago. They were on a CD from the photo shop, and I'd originally thought they weren't good enough to upload here, but when I took a look at some of them, some of them were kind of decent.

I need to simplify my life and get rid of things like unnecessary CDs, so I'm going to put those photos on this site and get rid of that CD. So here they are -- nine never-seen-before pictures of Geumgangsan, North Korea!

You can zoom in on any picture by clicking on it.

Here's a view of Samilpo Lake, which I've already introduced in my other essay. You can see the island from the next picture off in the distance.Here's an island in Samilpo Lake. It's the same one you could see in the distance in the first picture.Here's a view from the mountains near Samilpo Lake. Note the farms off in the distance.
This is one of those pictures that made me say "I just have to post these additional photos on my site, because this one is so much nicer than the one I actually posted of the same thing." It's me with that portrait of Kim Jong-il and Kim Il-sung -- the one where the North Korean guard caught me and Mijung taking pictures in front of it and insisted on taking the pictures so the heads of the dictators wouldn't be cut off. I don't remember whether this was taken by Mijung before we were caught, or by that ajeosshi. You'll have to zoom in to see the details.This may just appear to be a boring, grassy field on the Geumgangsan compound. However, notice in the back -- a cement blockhouse (most likely defensive) flying two North Korean flags.This is another one of those pictures of Guryong Falls' turquoise water. You can see a bridge in the distance.
This is just a random photo taken in the mountains near Guryong Falls. Nothing much to comment on -- just mountains and people's heads, I guess.This is me with my eyes closed sitting in front of some pink and yellow flowers. Note that I'm holding out my gigantic, oversized ID card, which must be worn at all times, or you can be fined $100.This is another prize of the unreleased photos. It's a nice-looking bridge with South Korean tourists crossing it, near Guryong Falls.

By the way, I released this video a long time ago, but I figured I ought to link to it on my Geumgangsan photo essay. It's a video I made a while ago from clips I took in Geumgangsan on my low-quality digital camera (with video capabilities). So here it is:

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