My Passport

This is my most recent passport, issued March 6, 2007. We're going to have a lot of fun adventures! I'm going to scan my passport every time I get a cool-looking visa to do something new, or get a stamp for something, or that kind of thing.
Here's my passport from the outside. It's just a regular, navy blue passport -- the civilian variety. I used to have a black one (I know this looks black, but that's the scanner's fault), which is diplomatic, but now I'm no longer under my dad's umbrella, so I'm on a blue one.
This is the front page of my passport. I had that picture taken at a shop near Sogang University around the time I was briefly attending classes there. That cameraman really made me look badass. I thought it was a good photo, though others disagreed.
This page in my passport includes a stamp that signifies that I left Goseong in South Korea to go to Geumgangsan in North Korea. I took a bus over the DMZ. Then, when I came back into South Korea, I got the stamp on the right -- a re-entry stamp to South Korea. The D-4-4 stamp means that I am allowed to stay until my D-4-4 (student) visa expires.
Here's my visa to enter China. China is super stingy. They only give you a 30-day visa (most countries don't even make me get a visa for just 30 days -- some give me up to 90 for free). However, with this visa, I'm cleared to go on my trip that will hopefully take me through Dalian (my port of entry and where I'll meet my elementary school friend Drew), Shenyang (where I'll visit the Korean consulate and get my visa to re-enter Korea), and Yanbian (the place that I'm scouting out -- they have a Korean school and possible English-teaching jobs for me).