October 7, 2006 Lotte World Trip

What is Lotte World? It's an amusement park run by the Lotte corporation! If you've never heard of them, they operate department stores and supermarkets in Korea and the US. The bulk of the amusement park is indoors, yet it's definitely competitive with outdoor amusement parks. There are some cool roller coasters like the French Revolution, boat rides, and a bunch of theaters that play Imax films (and that have moving seats), including one that plays a Stargate SG-1 film! There's even a Mexican restaurant called La Paloma, which to my knowledge, does not employ a single Mexican (yet they're savvy enough to offer Corona for sale, which seems pretty authentic).

We chose to go to Lotte World on the last day of Chuseok, which is coincidentally when five North Korean troops crossed the DMZ, and a day before North Korea is expected to detonate a nuclear device.

Before Lotte World
I got this video when we were taking the Metro to Lotte World.

This is a reflection in the window of the train. I'm the one with the camera. Danyeong is making the peace sign. Danyeong's two friends are the ones who are not making peace signs. Paul is only half visible in this picture.

Indoor View
Here is a view of Lotte world. This entire scene is indoors, by the way.

To prove that it's indoors, take a look at the ceiling.

No Drunken Ride
This almost made it into the Engrish section, but I figured I'd keep it with the Lotte World pictures, because it was taken at Lotte World.

Roller Coaster
See that roller coaster? I don't remember what it's called. Actually, unlike the French Revolution, which is a true roller coaster, this is really just a loop. It turns you on your head and leaves you suspended that way. It's somewhat thrilling when you do a drop, but the blood rushing to your head isn't that fun.

Outdoor View
Lotte World also has an outdoor section, which, in my opinion, isn't as cool as the indoor section.