Level 2 at Yonsei University's Korean Language Institute Video

All right, I made the video that I'd been saying I'd make! This video is over four minutes long, and includes two videos of my class, a ton of unreleased photos, and voice narration! Be warned, it's between 13 and 14 megabytes!

While I was making this video, I saved up all my good photos, and refrained from posting many good photos on this web page. The result is a good video, but a site that was lacking in content for a while. The video itself was a huge pain to produce. I tried two different copies of Windows Movie Maker on my own computer. One of them was out-of-date, and the other one wouldn't run off my slave hard drive. I had to do all the sequencing and such on Mijeong's public PC in the wee hours of the morning, and it took several minutes just to write the video data to the disk.

  • The Video (Level 2 at Yonsei)
  • The Script
  • Copyright (C) 2008 Charles Wetzel. All rights reserved.