Punctuation Mark:

Name in Korean:

Literal Meaning:



ripple design


ǥ (neu-ggim-pyo)

feeling mark






sharp [in music]

Please note that Koreans use sharp in reference to the pound key on a telephone, etc.


޷ǥ (dal-leo-pyo-shi)

dollar sign, dollar from English


ۼƮ (peo-sen-teu)

percent from English


ص (aen-deu)

and from English


ǥ (byeol-pyo)

star sign

( )

Ұȣ/ᳰȣ (so-gwar-ho)

small bracket

{ }

߰ȣ/ȣ (jung-gwar-ho)

medium bracket

[ ]

ȣ/ްȣ (dae-gwar-ho)

large bracket


(ha-i-peun) or ̳ʽ (mai-neo-seu)

hyphen from English or minus from English


Ʒ (a-rae-ha-i-peun)

under hyphen



equals from English


ϱ (deo-ha-gi) or ÷ (peul-leo-seu)

plus from the Korean verb ϴ (to add) or plus from English


ݴʽ (ban-dae-jjok-seul-lae-shi)

opposite side slash, slash from English

ǥ (jag-eun dda-om-pyo)

small quotation mark

ū ǥ (keun dda-om-pyo)

large quotation mark


ǥ (shwim-pyo)

resting mark


, ǥ (jeom, mat-chum-pyo)

dot, assembling mark

< >

ȣ (ggeogg-eun gwar-ho)

bent bracket



slash from English


ǥ (mur-eum-pyo)

question mark

Korean Punctuation Marks


By Charles Wetzel

Special Thanks to Junhyeong Ju


             The above table contains the punctuation marks in Korean. We managed to cover pretty much all the punctuation marks that you find on a standard keyboard, except for ` (neither of us could figure out how that differs from an apostrophe or single quotation mark) and some others. These others include ^ (Koreans only use this for ^^, or the smiley face, and using it for exponents is unheard of), | (what is this anyway), :, and ; (because Id scribbled those down and thought they were just random dots when I asked my language exchange partner).