Charles Wetzel's Contact Information

Feel free to contact me about the following things:
  • You want to hire me -- no task too big or small!
  • You want to ask me out, and you're a girl.
  • You have a question about life in Korea for a foreigner or studying at the Yonsei Korean Language Institute, or anything else that I've done/specialize in.
  • You want to buy me a drink.

    Here's my e-mail address: [no longer published]

    My phone number is [no longer published]. Remember that the country code for Korea is 82. You may prefer to instead talk to me on Skype ([no longer published]) or by adding the above e-mail address to your MSN contact list.

    Here is my former mailing address, where I can no longer receive mail, but I keep it here for historical purposes (not where I live, nobody knows that but my neighbors and landlord):
    Golden Pond Guesthouse
    188-40 Myeongnyun-dong 4
    Seoul, 110-524
    South Korea