Welcome to Charles Wetzel's Web site on the Republic of China.

Welcome to my site on the Republic of China. This site is not just a blog, but a Web site that will hold many writings, pictures, etc. about my exploits in the ROC. Though I have only lived in Taiwan for a little over a year, it is important to note that prior to moving to Taiwan, I had lived in Asia for over eight years.

Why did I choose to go to Taiwan and look for an English teaching job? Here are my three good reasons:

  1. Like many English teachers in Taiwan, I'm saddled with student loans and want to pay them off, or at least alleviate them to some degree. I can save more money in Taiwan than I can in the People's Republic of China.
  2. I want to bring my Chinese level up to 3,000 words and 1,800 characters. China is likely to become a superpower, and the linguistic and cultural knowledge I can gain in Taiwan could help me GREATLY later in life. I realize that 3,000 words and 1,800 characters won't make me a translator or allow me to monitor radio broadcasts, but I can add on more Chinese after I've left Taiwan to match the PRC's ascension in the world.
  3. I want to get a year of bona fide, recognized English teaching experience. Not some kind of crappy, under-the-table tutoring that can't be put on a resume, but genuine teaching experience at a recognized school with a working visa and everything. Why? Because I accept that realistically, I'll be teaching English for years after I leave Taiwan (it's the easiest way to work abroad, and I prefer living abroad). Since I'm going to be doing this for a while, I might as well get started and get something to put on my resume to get a better teaching job in the future, not just a buxiban job teaching someone's spawn-of-monkeys-and-demons third graders!

Feel free to contact me, but please check out the FAQs section before doing so (because there are certain questions people e-mail me about repeatedly that I'm sick of answering over and over again, and there's a good chance yours is on the list). Here's my e-mail address, should anyone need to contact me:

My phone number (you're responsible for finding out the country code): 098-184-3334